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At Holy Rosary School, we are continually looking into the future to ensure that our Catholic values and excellence in education will be made available for generations to come. Like many parish schools, the tuition we charge does not cover the actual cost of educating our students. The actual cost of educating one student at HRS is $5,924 per year, averaging to $35 a day.  The actual cost of tuition for K-8 is $3,476 for parish members and $3,647 for non-parish members.

Therefore fundraising activities such as the Raffle Calendar, Scrip, and Spring Interlude are necessary to make up for the difference.

Holy Rosary School promotes a variety of ways for individuals and businesses to support our school. These opportunities consist of:

  • Marathon (Click the Donate button below to make an online donation to sponsor a student!)
  • Winning Raffle Calendar on sale until May 29th.  Winners are announced starting June 1 – November 30, 2018
  • Catholic Schools Raffle sponsored by Catholic United Financial.
  • Spring Interlude:  Dinner, Cocktails, and A Cause
  • Scrip Gift Cards:  go to and enter our school enrollment code:  C74B96FA534L
  • for your on-line shopping to over 400 merchants.  Designate Holy Rosary School to receive the rewards.

Questions on creating a Scholarship or Endowment? Or interested in additional giving opportunities? Contact Terri Paskey, at or at 218-847-5306.

  • Scholarships & Endowments (help a student attend HRS by contributing to an already established Scholarship or Endowment)

  • Building Fund (This fund is used specifically for maintaining our facilities)

  • The Maruska Family Endowment Fund (to be used for tuition assistance)

  • The Richard Martinson Family Endowment Fund (to be used for tuition assistance)

  • The Sam Mattioli Teacher’s Endowment Fund (help us raise our teacher’s salaries)

If you are interested in making a donation towards Holy Rosary School, you can easily access the Donate button below:



The Percy and Winifred Stary Family Scholarship for Science, Engineering or Mathematics Field of Study

This scholarship is for those students who completed the last three years at Holy Rosary School. Grade 6 – 8.  It is good for up to two years if eligible!  Deadline for scholarship award is June 1. Guidelines and applications are included below.  For more information contact Terri Paskey at 218-847-5306 or email:

Holy Rosary Alumni

We at Holy Rosary would love to hear from you. Email me with your news! News such as what you are doing now, marriage, family, employment, address, etc…